Saturday, 7 September 2013


Do you remember me? Its me :) Thanks for loving me. Idk whats on my mind now :/ something bads happen :( But i don't know what is the problem is .. Just , seems like i such a loner .. feeling so frown :( down or dark days came wanna test me :') Hmph what should i do? Just silent? No! I don't want to make it more bad ><' I want a happiness :D Please !! Haha XD such a silly mind. How fool of me.No one know what i feel. They just , wanna be my fellows because of my lucky? And i feel like .. what?! Huh -,- nevermind. I just be what i want. Okay Enchanted? You're strong enough girl! Cheer up! Build your own confidence ya? Do not hypocrit. I know you can :) So the thing is .. I just have to ignored on what people out there gonna say about me. Me is me and you is you. Am i right? Pheww well i write this just for variety ,to polish my english language. My mother always remind me, " Don't give up on your life dear , your own choices is the best decision ever. " . Just need to think more deeply in mind .. To make it perfect! And perfect gonna make you look beautiful :D And beautiful gonna make you feel amazing. And amazing can keep you stay Enchanted <3 and Enchanted is me :)

p/s: Pray for me to stay strong :')

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