Siapa Pikin?


Hi readers! I'm with new fresh restart haha. Setelah lama tinggalkan dunia blogger ni. Here the new me ;)

  • Nur Ashiqin Binti Md Yunan
  • As known as Pikin
  • 15 and young 
  • SMK Bandar Tenggara 2
  • Kempas , Jb
  • Pink ya thats my fav!

So how? Wanna know more about me? Hahaa

Writing is my passion. I started blogging since I was 12. I wanted to write a diary at the first place, but my awful handwriting has put everything to a halt. Thus, this blog was born. My writing comes pure from the heart, since I'm naturally an honest person. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I do .

Loves, Pikin.

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