Monday, 12 December 2011

He is mine :-)

The first time we met, I was transfixed like a statue alone is not able to speak. Then my heart began to speak, most likely he will be with me. Almost every time, and second, only his face is only a shadow play in my head. My focus for learning is interrupted almost every time, Oh my god! why so hard for me to forget him !  

Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, his face still and still plays in my mind even though I have tried to forget him. In the middle of the year, I intend to express my feelings to him. But, unfortunately, he was interested in a girl who is much better and prettier than me. I can not deny that my heart smashed to approach him again. I just trust and not be able to speak again. Their relationship is very liked by many parties, including me even though I can not accept reality

After a year, I learned that he and the girl has yet to make love like a happy couple. I almost forgot him, but feelings are still pleading with him asking to be loved. Urhhh! why? why? why? Time passed and she still has feelings of doubts about him. If I'm so lucky girl, indeed I have long been a happy couple with him, hehehe, but the matter is I think only a dream and impossible for me to accomplish. Time still passes and arrive at a time into the history, lucky girl that refuses to love him. The news spread too long until I found out.

I started to feel happy and I was getting brighter opportunities to reach out to him. And he has found out that I had long loved him. He was still silent, and I had already started to be afraid and very much hope that he accepts me as a lover. But the miracle had happened when he accepted me as the first and last love. He also has been a long time to save her love and affection towards me. Our love started to sprout, and I was able to heal the wounds and scars on her heart. I really can not deny this joy when loved him.

I truly love him until now we are happy even though there are many times involved in trials. He promised to embrace my body and kissed my forehead one day. When happiness is likely to happen when we get married, ooppss! haha, we are too young to understand, which is important he is a man who understood me and he was very special to me. Who is he? hehehe, he is very passionate about football and too obsessed with the sport. He is smart and clever. He was handsome and charming, he good and very affectionate .. The most important of all, he owned me, now, tomorrow, forever ... hehehe, remember ya! my heart is just a silly expression, not related to anyone, hehehe, whatever, do not forget to comment! ^___^

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